A special devotional practice offered by David and Joyce Reed (missionaries that LPBC supports):

During this time of quarantine and isolation, we offer this spiritual practice as a way to stay centered with God, with others, and with yourself:
Connect with 1 person each day via phone/text/video chat. Consider adding an element of service; perhaps think about writing a note of encouragement or sending some Scripture to someone who might feel isolated during this time, sew some masks for our hospital workers, send a coffee gift card to your local police station, offer to send a take out meal to someone in need, etc. 
Begin or end each day by writing down 3 things you're thankful for
Spend time at a window, on a porch, or in your backyard noticing 5 signs of life around you.
Practice 7 minutes of quiet space for prayer.

Overseas Missions

Bahamas Relief:


Special Note: 
Exciting new Initiative! Women's Bridge Resource Center is excited to announce it's new initiative Homelessness Prevention.  We have formed a coalition of people including many churches to help prevent homelessness.  We need your help- our coalition is in need of people willing to share their home as a host family for as least one of our agencies 20 homeless families.  Please contact us at WBRC9407@gmail.com or 610-761-1707.  Share your heart and home with someone who needs your help.  Training sessions for host families beginning soon.

Our church strongly supports missions.  Check out the individual sites of the missionaries we support:

Dr. Steven & Nancy James, Haiti      


Susan Hegarty, Costa Rica


Carole Sydnor, Nepal & International Ministries US      


Jesus taught us to love our neighbors and to take care of those in need.  We, of Lower Providence Baptist Church, believe in doing what we can for others.  This is evidenced in our support of many international, national, and local agencies. Here are a few examples of our ongoing efforts to help others:

Norristown Hospitality Center, Norristown, PA


Hopi Mission School, Kykotsmovi, AZ


Racetrack Chaplaincy Ministry, Bensalem, PA


Encuentro Latino Church & Prison Ministry, Coatesville, PA  


Our church has also sponsored two groups of refugees, one from Cuba and also Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma).


Lower Providence Baptist Church