We offer Sunday School classes and FREE childcare for Sunday services, and special events 

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Who We Are

LPBC is composed of people who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The church seeks to extend the love and witness of Jesus Christ in our area and nationally and internationally. As Baptists, we are a self-governing body that has chosen to affiliate itself with other Baptist churches and American Baptists Churches USA.  

Our Mission: “To lead all people of all backgrounds into a loving relationship with God through Jesus Christ.” 


We offer a variety of adult Sunday School classes and Bible Studies​​

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Whether you’re new to the church scene, or simply looking to get involved in a new way, we would love to hear your story! Contact us or follow us on Facebook to see how we are getting involved and spreading the love of Christ in our community

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Welcome to LPBC!


Lower Providence Baptist Church


Welcome to LPBC

Join us for one of our church services, activities, youth group events & more

​​We offer a youth group for Middle School and High School

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